A Letter to the 26-Year Old Me


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Hi! First and foremost, I hope you are in New York City apartment right now, right next to your window that looks over the city, sipping your favorite drink. Whether that’d be wine, juice, beer, vodka, whatever drink you like the most by that age. I hope you’re doing your work and by work I mean the thing you love doing the most, conceptualizing about the next marketing campaign of a big fashion brand. But also writing your second novel in another minimized window. Also an article for the next issue of a magazine which you still do with all your heart. I hope you love every bit of doing multiple careers.

I hope that you already found a partner or at least found the current love of your life. Your partner is already sleeping soundly on your bed. He has got a hand stretched over your side because your partner waited for you to join him in bed.I hope he is everything you have ever dreamed of since you accepted yourself in 2013: smart, witty, funny, watches the same TV series as you do, might not be that muscular but fit enough for you. I mean, I’m just saying the truth. But I hope that what made you fall in love with him is his personality. I hope you both like endless conversations and I hope that truth and openness are in the foundations of your relationship. Nobody’s perfect so he has flaws, but you choose to look pass that. I hope you are completely, madly, in love. The kind of love you painstakingly waited for more than two decades.

I hope you are in constant communication with your family. By 2021 I hope technology has found a way to make holograms publicly available. I hope you have provided to your family just as you have dreamed it when you were writing this: your parents each having their own houses, your aunt stable in life, your nieces doing really well in their school. I hope that you have outgrown the pains of your parents’ separation and have accepted that they each have their new lives with their partners. And lastly, I just to want to make sure that you always try to make it in your family reunions and holidays once in a while. Leaving everything behind, family is the most important thing. P.S. I hope you got their approval of your partner.

I hope you have made/you are making new friends in the NYC. Workmates, people living in the same building, or simply acquaintances in your leisure activities, I hope you continue loving the feeling of companionship of your friends. More importantly, I hope you are still glued to your high school friends back in the Philippines. I know you miss them dearly. You really do.  I’m sure you miss those spontaneous trips to your usual hangout spot or road trips to a beach during the holidays and long weekends. But this is life, people have to go on their own paths however that doesn’t mean you have to cut ties. A 5-hour Skype conference call could do the trick (if you haven’t done this already).

And lastly, I hope you have matured physically (meaning you have shed off that teenage fat), mentally (no overthinking please!), and basically in every aspect of life. I hope you maintained to be professional when it comes to work but still finds the time for play. If you haven’t given yourself a pat on the back for achieving what you have always dreamed of, then this letter is a reminder for you to do just that.

P.S. I hope Beyonce is still your life’s queen.

All the love,

Vince, 2016


I know what a dramatic way to announce my comeback in my blog! But a great start to what’s to come content-wise and more for urbanitepop this 2016. If you want to make your future letter as well just go do it. It’s a nice way for self-reflection and and for you to realize your goals and dreams.

x, urbanitepop


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